SEA project

Two-storey house on the Mediterranean coast for a family of 6. The clients wanted to preserve and convey tthe sea atmosphere in their house, to make it vibrant yet cozy, so that the house, just like wine, would be getting better with age ...


The design concept lies in combining simplicity and nature of the Mediterranean style with ‘rough’ textures of wood and stone. To achieve such effect sea-inspired elements were used: driftwoods and coarse furniture shipped by sea from other countries, ceramic tile in the kitchen resembling fish scale, mother-of-pearl lamps in the dining room, large tropical plants.

Light warm tones of room decoration add air and space to the interior, reminding of the seashore and warmth of sand. The feeling of a lively old house is created by antique wooden beams on the ceiling, natural rustic stone on the walls, cracked furniture and mirror surfaces with attritions.


The first floor is a guest area, where the whole family spends time together. There is a lot of 'rough' wood and stone used in the interior in this zone.

The living room can be transformed into the bedroom for the eldest son, who visits parents during his vacations. There is a bed hidden in the built-in wardrobe, and the entrance to the room can be also covered up by a curtain. The mirrors on the sides of the wardrobe help to make it more lightweight and elegant. 

The dining and kitchen area consist of two parts. Еhe guest area includes a dining room and a part of the kitchen.
The kitchen itself is hidden by the door of the facade color, so it’s not visible.

The living, sitting and dining areas are visually separated from each other by aged wooden beams.

Dark decoration colors, rough metal lamps and flat furniture are used in the office to make it concise and strict. 


The second floor is a sleeping area with a very tranquil, soft interior. Natural fabrics visually soften rough textures and surfaces. Delicate elements added to the interior also contribute greatly to its calm vibe.

Aimed to visually divide the sleeping and living areas, the 'rough' stone on the walls and stairs ends with wooden columns, giving place to the parquet and flat walls. Beaded lamp on the stairs marks the beginning of the sleeping area, making the interior cozy and intimate.

Although the interior of the whole house is united by a common style, it still reflects the individuality and preferences of each family member.

Crystal finishing, marble and mosaics contribute to a classical style of parents' bedroom. Whereas, the dark aged metal and wooden items help to combine classic elements with the style of the whole house.

As twin girls are fond of Scandinavian style, scandinavian elements are used in their bedrooms’ interior. In order to create a secluded space, the rooms are separated from the hall by a natural fabric curtain.

Wood panels in the bedroom of the youngest sona, as well as dark grey elements and dark metal add the masculine character to the room, totally eliminating the feeling of a child’s room. When he grows up, the interior will remain relevant.