JL STUDIO implements interior design projects for boutiques, showrooms and concept stores, assisting retail companies in forming a unique brand image through a sophisticated and stylish interior.


Regardless of the project’s complexity and scale, we provide end-to-end support throughout the entire process, offering sound and aesthetic solutions at every design stage. Our goal is to achieve an impeccable result that will exceed both your and your clients’ expectations. 


Our interior design approach is tailored to the specifics of the Retail field, as we know exactly what is important to you and your business.


Delivery of a unique timeless project that translates your brand’s DNA through elegant, thoughtful design solutions and is driven by the mission and values ​​of your company, rather than fashion and current trends. We design brand new spaces that will carefully guide your customers into the world of your brand.


Aesthetics and creative process in line with technical aspects. Our interior solutions are always thought out from the implementation standpoint, and we provide strictly verified drawings and documentation to ensure the final design perfectly matches the initial concept.


Fast conceptualization and visualization. To ensure prompt implementation and timely opening of your store, we use SketchUp. It allows us to create an interior concept in the shortest possible time and start preparing drawings straight away.


Complete procurement. From flooring and walls to textiles and decor, we will help you to select all materials and suppliers for the future interior and then draw up a detailed specification for all positions to ensure the implementation proceeds in-line with the project plan.


Careful project supervision. Our team will offer you the most suitable supervision option, be it on-site, remote or mixed, and will provide competent and personalized project management at all stages of work. We guarantee complete transparency of the process, effective budget management and control over the deadlines, so that you are confident in the future result.



Moodboards, reflecting a number of potential concepts of your future interior in accordance with your requirements and style preferences.


3D sketch visualization of the interior representing a general vision of the functional zones, as well as the color scheme, and furniture elements as per the approved concept. 


Drawing package, including floor plans with furniture placement, electricity plans, layout of finishing materials, furniture drawings, and others.


Detailed specification, outlining a complete list of materials, components and furniture, indicating suppliers, SKUs, quantities and costs.


Let's create a unique design project for your store together!