JL STUDIO takes on interior design projects for commercial and public spaces in Moscow, Minsk and London, and other cities across Europe, helping new and established brands communicate their vision, philosophy and values ​​through classy and eye-catching interiors.

We work on design and ergonomics to the smallest detail to shape a unique image of your company in the minds of your customers and guests. Be it a showroom, a cafe or a concept store, our team brings style, aesthetics and functionality to any place, offering well-thought-out solutions at every stage of the design process.

The interior design of public spaces has its own specifics, which makes it quite different in comparison to residential projects. In particular:

  • Tight deadlines for design and implementation. As a rule, the public space design projects are to be finished in the shortest possible time, as every day of delay causes additional rent expenses for business owners. Therefore, it is highly important for a design studio to understand the vision and expectations of the client and draw up a concept into a project within the specified time frame.

  • Need for uniqueness. Since a flagship store or an office is the face of a brand, the interior inside must be one-of-a-kind to clearly reflect its philosophy and form a desired image in the minds of the target customers. Therefore, such projects particularly require creativity and courage from the author.

  • Business-specific processes inside the space. Depending on the business domain of the company and, accordingly, the purpose of the premises, there are many aspects that should be taken into account when creating the interior design: how staff and customers’ journeys inside the space will be arranged, where to pay special attention to ergonomics, and so on.

  • ‘Insta-friendly’ design is always welcome. Along with high-quality service and goods, modern clients seek for beautiful and stylish spaces to take photos of and, of course, take selfies. Therefore, designers have to design ‘selfie’ zones along with common functional areas in modern boutiques and cafes in London and Moscow.

  • Selection of finishing materials and furniture. Due to the high concentration of people in public places, finishing and decoration materials should address durability, reliability and quality requirements in the first place. This means that designers have to find the optimal balance between appearance and quality characteristics of materials when choosing the material board for the space. 

  • Lighting. Developing the right lighting scenarios for interiors of stores and showrooms is another important task to complete. In such spaces, it is necessary to think over day/night scenarios as the proper light allows radically changing the atmosphere of a room. It is also important to take into account brightness and color rendition so that the color of a product (for example, clothes) does not distort under the artificial lighting.

  • Working with 3rd-party specialists. The major goal when designing the interiors of public spaces is to ensure that both staff and customers feel comfortable inside. Therefore, it is vital to guarantee proper functioning of adjacent systems, such as air conditioning and ventilation. For this, the design studio has to closely interact with third-party specialists both at the design stage, as well as during the interior implementation. 

Looking for a professional team to implement a public space project? JL STUDIO will be glad to assist you in this challenging journey. Drop us a line and we will answer all of your questions.