MOON NIGHT project

The Moon Night project was implemented at Global Design ( BATIMAT Russia ), the international architecture and interior design exhibition which took place in Moscow in March 2020.


Photo by: Sergey Ananiev


Moon Night is a minimalistic and elegant, yet cozy and homely interior designed in a deep dark color palette. The project’s main idea is to accentuate the key element of home – a spacious living room. The ‘heart’ of any apartment, the living room is the place where owners, whether a single person or a large family, spend most of their time gathering friends and guests.

The centerpiece of the living room is a laconic moon-shaped lamp, which illuminates the space with soft diffused light. A scattering of spotlights just like a million stars turns the ceiling into a beautiful night sky, whilst a large blue velvet sofa brings in a mysterious haze in the moonlight.

Regardless of the apartment layout, there is always a master bedroom next to the living room. And our project is no exception: extending the living room area, the parents’ bedroom is still a hidden, secluded space under the light of a small moon.

The natural materials of the finishing, such as wood, concrete, metal and microcement, add geometry and structure to this minimalistic space, while softening it with a plethora of textures.

Bizarre shapes of tree trunks complement the walls. Like a forest glade on a moonlit night, they enliven the interior and create a truly enigmatic, fairytale-like atmosphere.