MANGO project

MANGO is a spacious three-room apartment for a modern family from Minsk.


This project became quite a challenge for our studio: a couple turned to us when the layout of an apartment in a new building had already been developed. During the renovation phase, the architect who had been hired to design and implement the interior had to leave the project, so the clients were urgently looking for a replacement. As a rule, we do not undertake the projects where the existing layout cannot be changed. However, we couldn’t resist this combination of a great architectural solution, panoramic windows overlooking the forest park and a huge amount of light in the apartment. So, we got down to business.


The main task and, at the same time, difficulty for us was the necessity to fit in with the existing project framework. Aiming to reduce the forced construction delay and keep up with the deadline of the project, we promptly prepared sketches for each of the rooms instead of full-fledged 3D visualization and drawings. Many drawings, in turn, were developed in the process. This is how the MANGO project began.


The focus in this interior is put on simplicity and conciseness of lines and shapes. There light and airy rooms are not overloaded with unnecessary details, as the accents are set by the combination of interesting finishing elements, while furniture and light only support the minimalistic style of the space.


Interior stylist: Tatiana Korzun

Photo: Yegor Pyaskovsky



The master bedroom and bathroom are undoubtedly the centerpiece of the apartment. A burgundy wall behind the headboard became the starting point in the interior. According to the original idea, the wall should have been painted in juicy red. We got genuinely excited by this approach, as vivid colors are quite rare for residential interiors, but decided to slightly mute such a bright spot in favor of a muted, deep burgundy.

Dusty green on the curtains and noble gray on the soft headboard and bedding set off the accent color. Honey-colored wood panels on one of the walls bring in additional softness, coziness and warmth to the room.

Thanks to a full-size window, the master bathroom seems even more spacious. The central element of the interior is a composition with a large round mirror and a curbstone under it, the color of which is just the same as of the wall in the bedroom. Black marble-like stone is used on walls and floor in the bath area, whilst the rest of the room is covered with a geometric panel of custom-cut white tiles with brass lining. The same finishing, but with graphite, almost black colored tiles, is implemented in the corridor on the floor.

The wooden elements can be found here too: the utility unit with the washer and dryer is hidden behind sliding wood batten doors that open and close, when needed.


The combined living room and kitchen is the main place for family pastime. The kitchen furniture was purchased by the clients before we started working on the project. Thus, we decided to emphasize its natural light gray facades with black marble on the worktop. 

A set of cloud-like pendants above the dinner table add even more airiness to the room.

In the living room area, a large comfortable sofa in a sea blue shade grabs the attention instantly. The play of flat finishes – two types of tiles and veneered panels – makes the furniture piece in the TV zone interesting to observe despite the austerity of its forms. 

The view from the living room is truly gorgeous: a huge forest, a river, a small village in the distance. One gets the feeling that you are in a country house, rather than in an apartment in an urban building.

Another unconventional finishing solution in the room – corrugated gypsum panels in the window sill area. The stainless-steel skirting board reflects the floor, creating the feeling of a floating, weightless surface.

The apartment also has a smart home system that allows customizing different lighting scenarios depending on the desired effect, as well as controlling blackout curtains to watch movies on a video projector.


When the construction work started, the son of our customer was just born, so his room was designed in a way to remain relevant at least for the 10-12 years ahead. The overall color palette is light, soft and neutral, but fantasy drawings in pastel shades emphasize that the room belongs to a baby boy. 

Apart from the standard furniture package, including a bed and a desk, there is a large in-built closet where even parents' sports equipment is stored.


The minimalistic corridor boasts some creative elements that are worth mentioning too: in addition to the geometric tiles on the floor, there is a custom brass handle with natural stone inserts that adorns a spacious wardrobe.

Along with the main premises, the apartment also has a large dressing room next to the bedroom, as well as a guest bathroom, which is also trimmed with wooden batten panels concealing the communications.