Space planning is an excellent option for those customers who would like to implement the interior project on their own, but are looking for assistance at the initial stages of construction: planning the premises, determining functional areas, and arranging furniture.


We will take into account the ergonomics and features of the space and develop a well-thought-out solution that will become a solid foundation for creating a holistic interior.


Advantages you get


◊ We develop several alternative options for zoning and furniture arrangement, considering the specifics of each room to use the available space with the maximum benefit for homeowners. You will be able to choose and approve the layout that suits your preferences and lifestyle best. 


◊ Our architectural designers help to make sound technical decisions regarding the electricity planning, providing plans with the most appropriate placement of lighting and sockets based on the purpose of the space.


◊ The final planning solution includes all the technical drawings needed for project implementation. Since the delivery of a space plan does not require a significant investment, you will be able to commence the construction works straight away.


Our approach


The space planning process includes the following stages:


1. Site visit & measurement 


Our team visits the apartment to take measurements of all rooms and photograph complex junctions and units. Then we prepare a measurement plan, which will serve as the basis for the working draft.


2. Technical design specification 


Using a collection of available images of various design styles, as well as furniture and equipment, we discuss what each room of the future interior should contain. 


3. Space planning 


Based on the technical design specification, we prepare a number of alternative floor plan options, proposing various ways of arranging furniture and dividing the space.



4. Final plan selection & approval 


By picking the plan elements you like the most from the alternatives selection, we create the final space planning solution. Then we prepare its axonometric model that will serve as a convenient visual reference during the interior implementation. 


Electricity drawings

In addition to the space plan, we offer the development of electricity drawings that include: 


  • Ceiling and wall luminaire placement plan
  • Lighting control plan
  • Layout of electrical outlets, switches, electrical outlets
  • Underfloor heating layout with controller binding
  • Specification of socket and switch strips


Correct placement of sockets, switches and lighting fixtures not only will facilitate the work of your construction team, but also make your life in the future interior way more comfortable.


Interior collages


To further assist you in your design journey, we can also develop a set of interior collages outlining the overall mood and style of the interior, as well as a moodboard for each room. Using collages as a base, you will be able to follow a unified color scheme and style when selecting finishing materials, furniture and light for your interior, ensuring its cohesiveness and integrity. 




Project scope


Choosing a planning solution from our design studio, you get a complete package of drawings and documentation for implementing your own interior design: 


  • Existing measurement plan
  • Plan of dismantled structures (in case of redevelopment)
  • Plan of structures to be erected (in case of redevelopment)
  • Floor plan with furniture arrangement and indication of the area of ​​the premises and their functional purpose
  • Axonometric model
  • Plumbing plan
  • Electrical drawing kit (optional)
  • Interior collage set (optional)


Relying on these deliverables, it will be easier for you to start and control construction works, as you will have a clear understanding of the geometry of the rooms, the dimensions of the furniture and its arrangement. All this combined will allow you to save on developing a turnkey interior design project and create a beautiful and holistic interior yourself.

Are you interested in the space planning service? Feel free to reach out to us!

We will be happy to answer your questions and prepare a quote.