We create modern, thoughtful and comfortable interiors for apartments and houses, filling spaces in with coziness and aesthetics.

From conceptualization and technical documentation to furnishing and decoration, we will guide you through every stage of your project to ensure a perfect match of the design concept to reality.




We believe understanding the customer is key for a successful project. Therefore, our work begins with a personal acquaintance to build a trustworthy relationship with you. Not only do we learn your wishes and interior style preferences, but also pay particular attention to your hobbies and lifestyle to ensure the future interior reflects its owners as accurately as possible.


Idea and strategy


Depending on your requirements and expectations, we prepare a selection of relevant images of decoration, furniture and lighting for inspiration, as well as discuss possible options for household appliances and electronics. All this will make a foundation for developing a unique concept for your interior.


Planning and visualization


Based on the approved technical assignment from you, we proceed to the most creative and interesting part of the path – creation of a concept and its visualization on paper and in 3D. At this stage, we:


◊ Develop an optimal layout plan featuring the arrangement of furniture and lighting, which meets your requirements in the best way.



◊ Come up with the overall mood of the interior and create moodboards for each room, where we reflect the style and color scheme of the interior, as well as proposed finishing materials and key elements of furniture.



◊ Model a set of realistic 3D renders of the future interior and create a unique VR tour, where you will be able to see the finishes, FF & E and decor of your apartment even before the project is implemented.




Technical drawings 


In parallel with the 3D modeling, we embark on the development of a complete package of drawings and other technical documentation required to bring the design concept to life just as on the renders.  

Furnishing and procurement 


As the preliminary construction works commence on the site, we choose reliable suppliers and contractors within the budget and start to fill in a specification of finishing materials, equipment, furniture and decor items with estimates. The specification document will be completed throughout the entire interior design process.



Implementation and design supervision 


We supervise all construction and installation works at your property, helping you find most suitable alternative solutions, when necessary. Every detail, every little thing is important, so we will consult and support you at all stages of the implementation, so that the final result even exceeds your expectations.

Choosing a design project from JL STUDIO, you get: 


Unique stylish interior that mirrors both your preferences and expectations and our author's vision and refined taste – with no stereotyped approaches and conventional solutions.


Focus on a balanced combination of comfort and aesthetics to fill your life with well-being and style through a timeless interior. 


High-quality personalized service and delicate attitude where every aspect of the process and each interior element is considered. 


Support throughout the entire project ensuring that the completed interior matches the design concept to the smallest detail.


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