J. Lykasova Interior Design Studio delivers modern design projects for small and big houses, offering unique interior and architectural solutions for city and suburban housing in London. We will undertake the implementation of the most complex ideas for your home and help you create a one-of-a-kind comfortable interior that combines aesthetics and functionality, impeccable style and comfort.


About to plan the construction of a new house in the UK or Europe? Our team will be glad to take on the interior and exterior design projects of the house simultaneously to achieve stylistic consistency and integrity of the space and the surrounding area. We will take care of the process end-to-end, covering the entire project cycle from technical drawings and 3D visualisation up to furnishing and decoration. 

Interior design for houses is a complex and challenging task that requires particular attention to a whole number of aspects:

  • Utility lines and infrastructure. In the majority of cases, the interior design for a country cottage or a house starts from the development of a custom full-fledged architectural project, where all the utility lines and infrastructure should be well thought out and planned: ventilation, heating, sewerage, water supply, electrical networks, smart home systems. On the one hand, this gives a certain freedom to implement brand new unconventional ideas. But at the same time, this complicates the process, as each design solution needs to be developed in conjunction with many factors. For that, working in close collaboration with third-party specialists in the related fields is required in order to unite the proposed design concept with the actual capabilities of the space and ensure the utility lines are implemented properly. 

  • Original layout. Working with apartments, we often deal with open-space layouts or layouts that can be changed based on the specifics of the future interior. However, in houses, a certain layout and arrangement of walls are usually laid by the owners or construction company long before they turn to an interior design studio. Thus, in most cases, the original layout of the house cannot be changed, which puts certain limitations when creating the interior of the space.

  • Scope of works. House interior design in London involves working on a much larger area in comparison to typical flats and apartments. There are also many specific functional rooms and areas involved like furnace rooms, basement and others. This brings in certain challenges to the design process that should be addressed. How to link all the elements together? How to achieve a perfect balance in style and functionality, taking into account the individual characteristics and purpose of each room? How to build proper connections of premises and utilities not only in the horizontal plane, but also in the vertical one, if the house has several floors and open spaces with exits from different levels? Finding effective and sound solutions to each of the questions may be complicated and so requires in-depth expertise and knowledge.

  • Connected rooms and areas. Typically, a country house or a city villa go far beyond the standard set of several rooms and a kitchen in comparison to an apartment. Swimming pool, sauna or steam bath, home theater, billiard room, electrical room, garage - just a few examples of complimentary rooms that can be found in private homes. In addition, the list of works may include the arrangement of a fireplace, a barbecue area, outdoor terraces and the landscape itself. The implementation of a holistic and harmonious design project of a house requires a good understanding of the space, as well as joint work with third-party niche specialists (for example, landscape designers).

  • Property location. Private houses and summer cottages are quite often located outside the city. In view of this, establishing a proper logistics framework becomes another piece of the puzzle to solve. Visits for field supervision, solving urgent issues at the construction site, delivery of furnishing and fixtures to the facility may require additional efforts in terms of organizing transfer and transportation. 


Ready to get your interior design project started? Drop us a line and we will be happy to provide a quote and answer all of your questions regarding the process.