FOREST project

A three-storey house for a big family in the outskirts of a cottage estate in Moscow suburbs.


Modern architecture - curvilineal horizontally and vertically, has defined the main idea and concept of the interior design - to highlight this very curvilinearity, preserve geometrical entirety and minimalism while adding coziness and ergonomics. One side of the house looks out on a thick stand of fir trees, defining the finishes, colors and textures which complement this forest atmosphere. A lot of wood was used in order to soften the radical minimalism created.



Ground floor finishing can be rightly called minimalistic with many wooden ​planes and geometrical spaces. The main part of the ground floor is taken up by a vast living room with a curvilineal ceiling and second lighting. Such construction inspires a feeling of an airy, light and spacious zone.
The curvy ceiling geometry is masterfully highlighted by the cascading light fixture, which gives the impression that the ceiling was intentionally re-done into curvy one for this very light.
As the guestroom is a zone for casual chats and relaxation, the centre of the room is taken by a grand slab dining table.

Kitchen carries out the role of a dining area for hosts when guests are not around. The curvy shape of the kitchen is effectively made use of by an island in the centre of the room.

The ground floor is also the space for the host’s office, guest bedroom and a large entrance room.


The first floor begins with a long narrow corridor, executed in light tones with small touches of wood elements. A pouffe and a painting in the middle of the corridor eliminate it’s emptiness and visually divide the space. Next to the stairs a couple of colourful shapeless stone-like pouffes dilute and mellow the minimalism by adding a tint and a soft note to the interior.

The hosts’ bedroom is also carried out in minimalistic style. Decorative gypsum leaf-shaped panels in the bedhead, a natural textile curtain behind the armchair- all contribute to the forest-like soft touch in the interior. A TV was decided to be hidden behind the light sliding screen, as not to stand out from the general style of the room.

Children’s room for a little girl is performed in tender colors with a soft textile bedroom wall upholstery and patterned wallpaper. This very wallpaper can be later replaced for a more adult one according to the child’s wishes. The room also includes game and study spaces.

The younger son’s bedroom is divided into two separate zones by a glass wall with a curtain – one zone is for studies and the other one for leisure with friends. To encompass even more people the window sill was converted into a sitting space.

The first floor also contains the elder son’s room for him and his wife who occasionally come to visit.
Each room has its own bathroom, carried out in the same style as the bedrooms.​


Second floor is the area for both parties and relaxation. A bar space and a board game table- all can be found in this very room. A partition separates the bar zone from the home cinema zone, which has an abundance of seating space comprised of a sofa with cushions and hanging chairs.
Lounge zone is filled with greenery and bamboo, which contribute to the relaxing atmosphere and complements the fir forest view from the windows.​