Our team provides a full range of interior design services, creating beautiful apartment projects across the UK and Europe, including London, Moscow, and Minsk. Combining your preferences and expectations with our vision and professional experience, we fill the spaces with an atmosphere of comfortable chic and homely warmth.


At JL STUDIO,not only we create a balanced and stylish interior that reflects your character and lifestyle, but also ensure its high-quality implementation at all stages. Therefore, we take care of each element and drawing of the project and carry out architectural supervision of the construction process, so that the finished interior of your apartment looks just like on the 3D visualisation. 

Interior design projects for apartments have their own specifics, in particular:

  • Relatively small ​​space area. One of the main tasks when designing the interior of a typical apartment is to ensure the most efficient use of the original area. After all, the space must be planned in such a way so that the aesthetics and beauty of the design concept still meet the functional purpose of each of the rooms.

  • Ready-made utility lines. In the majority of cases, the utilities in the apartment are already planned and installed by the developer. Changing the initial utility infrastructure, if needed, can be challenging sometimes and most often requires additional approvals. At the same time, there are many restrictions in accordance with the established standards for the living space. All this may complicate the work on the design project, making it harder to adjust the apartment layout to the individual needs of each client.

  • Low ceilings. Unlike houses, where the desired ceiling height can be set at the design stage, the apartments are often limited by the developer's standards. Usually, the ceilings there are not as high as you would expect. Therefore, the design must be thought out in such a way as to visually ‘stretch’ the walls and make the ceiling look higher to provide the feeling of an space filled with air.

  • Stove installation in the kitchen. As a rule, the type of a stove to be installed in the apartment is known in advance: gas stoves predominate in the old residential buildings, while in new buildings, electric ones are common. Depending on the preferences and expectations of the customer, there might be a need to replace the original stove installation. Some clients want to install a gas hob instead of an electric one due to the design aesthetics, while others plan to change an outdated gas hob to a modern induction stove. In each case, it is necessary to go through a complex procedure of replacement or transfer approval, which becomes another challenge in the process of designing an apartment interior. 


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