BAKED MILK project

A project for a two-kids family. Mild minimalism was chosen as the basic interior style. Straight lines and finishing materials create impeccable coziness.
The color scheme is restrained, almost white with slight tinctures just as baked milk.

Interior stylist: Tatiana Korzun

Photo: Yegor Pyaskovsky


Living room

Floor-to-ceiling doorframes optically lift the ceiling that was initially lowered to ensure sound isolation. One of the main tasks on this project was the remodeling: we had to make a four-room apartment out of a three-room one.

The extra room for a little daughter was to appear from a part of the living room and take up one window. As the second window looked out into the balcony which faced the opposite house, the room was quite dark. So, we had to tackle the challenge of preserving the light in the main area. The solution was eventually found: we used a transparent glass partition that can be covered with curtains, when needed. Not only this approach allowed to lighten the living area, but also allow the parents to keep an eye on their child even from the kitchen.

Kitchen area

The minimalist kitchen makes an addition to the interior of the living room. Sliding waist-high drawers in the kitchen hide the utensils that are usually hung on the wall, making the area visually neat and clean.

Children's rooms

Two children’s rooms, for a boy and a girl, are also decorated in mild, restrained colors, so that they remain relevant even when the kids grow up.


The parents’ bedroom was quite small, so we used mirrors to optically widen the space. Rosewood veneer panels in the TV area and velour panels at the bedhead also comprise an integral part of the finishing. Simple shapes and softness of the materials make the room truly cozy and comfortable.  


The bathroom (now fitted with a boiler, as well as washing and drying machines) and the restroom are finished with stone-cut printed tiles. As the family doesn’t use the bathtub that much, a shower stall was preferred instead.


Spacious built-in wardrobes of a white shade were installed in the corridor. Providing quite a spacious storage, they still blend harmoniously with the finishing of the walls.