ANTIC project

The design was developed and implemented within the framework of the TV program «Dachniy otvet». The homeowners really like the antique era and they wanted a modern interior with antique notes, where the bathroom is a place for rest and relaxation.
The basis of the interior is a combination of natural materials: natural stones, bleached concrete, wood and greenery. These materials have soft color combinations and create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.


Photo by: Eugene Kulibaba


All materials are arranged in planes, which is typical of modern interiors, but at the same time there are antique elements. For example, the triangular finish of the concrete wall resembles the flute of columns that were unrolled and spread out over the entire wall. The tile on the floor looks a little bit like antique pavement.

The installation and entrance group are made with the finish that looks like natural wood. The invisible door melts into the wall panels giving a sense of the space integrity and transforming the bathroom into a relaxation zone.

The windows were not well located facing the home next door. The homeowners even wanted to build them in, but it would deprive the room of natural light. Therefore, we curtained the windows with translucent roller blinds and wooden window shutters that, thanks to upper guides, can be easily side-shifted giving the access to the windows. Moreover, the window shutters complete the accent composition of the washbasins group: large sinks resembling antique bowls and suspended mirrors with built-in light above. This group is the first thing that catches the eye when entering the bathroom. In addition, the greenery completes the whole composition.

Needless to say that the important element of the bathroom is the Hammam. We designed it in a soft minimalism using pastel colors that fit the whole interior.

3D sketches

TV project video

360° Panoramas